Vision & Mission

At VIArchitects (Vehbi Inan Architects / VIA Architects / VIA Mimarlık), our aim is to provide an integrated design service to our clients at whatever design stage the project is in. Since being founded in 2011, we had especially focused on design development and construction drawings stages and worked closely with foreign concept designers as well as construction contractors to realize a well coordinated building process. VIA completed numerous such projects both in Turkey as well as abroad in countries like Russia & UAE.

Having gained this experience, VIA's future target was to be a provider of full integrated design services starting from feasability studies, business plans and marketing to concept/scheme/construction drawings design and finally to construction and operation stages. Currently, same number of concept projects are being developed as construction documentation projects in the VIA office. VIA at the moment focuses on developing its own brand as a concept design company as well as continuing the construction drawings expertise resulting from its past experience.

The strength of the VIA brand relies heavily on organic curved forms as can be witnessed on the various concept designs developed especially recently. These forms are produced at critical points in the design defining the iconic aesthetic and create a contrast to the more rectilinear portions of the masses which deal with more practical and functional issues. It is the principals of duality, contrast and dialectic that creates a synthesis of the design process merging various requirements. This architectural method is the purification of years of design experience gained starting from university projects, going through construction site experiences and culminating at VIA concept designs.

The next phase for VIA is to combine this design expertise with its construction experience and design, develop & build its own development projects in Istanbul and elsewhere.